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eaSt stands for equestrian athletic Sport technologies and thus for professional performance sports wear, technical function, cool design and intensive research.

"technical research"

Our company and product philosophy is that all of our garments can be combined with each other both visually and technically, creating a superlative cool design in which to brave any discipline in any season and any weather.


For us, sustainability starts with the durability and quality of our products, the timeless and cool design, as well as versatility in different sports and leisure activities.

"performance & professional"

We divide our performance clothing into the two product lines "eaSt Performance" for ambitious leisure and amateur riders and "eaSt Professional" for even more ambitious professionals or those who are on their way to becoming such.


An essential part of the eaSt philosophy is our high NOS collection (Never out of Stock) percentage. Top sellers in the most sought-after colours remain continuously available in our range and can therefore be replaced again and again. The NOS collection is supplemented by seasonal items (Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter) and by so-called capsule collections during the year.


Starting point of every eaSt outfit are the revolutionary eaSt trousers in the form of riding leggings and breeches.

The trousers as so-called "core elements" can be combined and added to with maximum flexibility with the elements from the "eaSt Layering" collection (outerwear & underwear), as well as with "eaSt accessories".

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Showing 1-10 of 10 item(s)